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The Traveller

This was my first purchase and I went straight for 5/5 difficulty. There were documents missing that was a bit off putting. The difficulty was a 2/5 seeing we solved it without most of the documents. Solved the case in 40minutes from unpacking, setting up and actually reading the first document.

Tech Support
Wesley Mantle
Deadly inheritance

It's a great idea solving murder cases with your partner.

Date Night Murder Mystery

Although it didn't arrive in time for Valentinesday, it wasn't too easy and a lot of fun. Took us less than an hour to solve. A duplicate foto was included in our case.

Hillwood Horror
Wynand Schutte
Hillside Horror

Absolutely awesome, we enjoyed it soooo much!!!

Will definitely be ordering again until we have solved them all!


Solving this murder was really fun although I thought it would take a bit longer to solve, maybe I just watch too many crime documentaries.
Will definitely try the others and recommend this game!

Best ladies night idea

This was a wonderful experience. Had a ladies day. We were 8 and having all different suggestions made one big party.

This is one you should start with to get an idea about how it works and then try more difficult cases.

On the case really went out of their way to make this experience so much fun!

The Showgirl review

Was great fun, different alternative entertainment. Enjoyed it a lot.

So much fun!

Had an awesome time playing this during load shedding and we can't wait to get the next case!

Really loved the attention to detail and the custom made blog for the case.

Great Date Night

my partner and I enjoyed the case, really clever and intriguing. Our pack had all the information plus some props which was a great add.

Deadly Inheritance
Angie Van Wijk

This is super amazing. I had so much fun and will definitely do it again!!

High Altitude Homicide
Jacques-Pierre Engelbrecht

BRILIANT!!!! Took us a while to get the killer.... Awesome game.... NEXT!!!!

I found it fun...

It was fun for me at least...

thank you guys.

Murder Mystery - Date Night Box
Ruan O'Connor-Harold
Definitely worth every cent.

Truly enjoyed every second of solving the case.

Well put together, you really need to think outside of the box, the small details is what makes the case, if you miss something you will struggle. But take your time, dont rush and have fun

The Hunt

I have already submitted a review about this case but it gave a score of 5/5 which I didnt want and there is no option to edit. I would like to score it at 2/5

The Hunt

Disappointing in comparison to the 1st case we did. Spelling mistakes and there is actually no evidence to remotely indicate that the culprit's identity had been used by someone else.

Really enjoyed this with my sister😊

It was not impossible to solve but definitely not easy. Everything was complete and well thought out. Loved the real evidence with the small details and clues, it makes you feel like a real detective🧐🕵️. There's even audio files and CCTV footage! Thank you On The Case, we hope to do another soon.👌👍


Highly recommend! Had so much fun solving this case. Will definitely be purchasing more cases!

Seaside Homicide
Jackie Oliver

Perfect game for date night and the detials in the game is also awesome and the paperwork will all the profile

I highly recommend

Seaside Homicide
Cronje Gerber
Brilliantly done! Absolutely wonderful!

This was really amazingly done. From the photos to the thorough done interviews and witness statements. We were scratching our head from start to finish while trying to nail the suspect.

I really wonder how this company got the inspiration to actually do this and who shows them how to do it. To anyone reading this, wondering where they should start, remember that there is no shame in starting with the easiest

Good Fun

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this case, especially with it being the first one we've ordered and tried out from On The Case. Although the difficulty level is ranked 4/5, we didn't find it too difficult. Definitely a nice one to do to get the idea of what On The Case is all about. Something different for date night too!

Deadly Inheritance
Paul Barkway
A fantastic evening with friends

Deadly Inheritance was fully absorbing, we had 8 of us, with ages ranging from 55 to 8, trying to figure our who the murderer was, everyone had a theory and an idea. Even the teenagers' put down their phones and played from start to finish.
We didn't get it right the first time, but that's part of the fun.

So much fun!!

What a great start to the On te case cases!! We had so much fun with the whole family. A great evening entertainment.

Really fun!

This was such a fun case! Would definitely recommend, we are looking forward to trying out the rest of the cases in the future :) I do encourage paying close attention to details!

Deadly Inheritance

We were initially thrilled with the product's quality and packaging. The comprehensive information provided at the onset was impressive. However, towards the conclusion, some crucial evidence was missing from the case files, which hindered our ability to solve the case. This disappointing conclusion left us unable to achieve a resolution.

Hillwood Horror
Teliza Loxton

It was really great however I think the answer or conclusion cards needs to be removed because then you just go on without thinking of other things to link. The website to keep track and get your answer is way more better than just having the answer in each envelope