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Deadly Inheritance
Lezea Terblanche
Best Game Night Ever

I ordered Deadly Inheritance. The content is thourough and well executed. We managed to solve the case in about 3 hours while enjoying snacks and cocktails.
We plan to order some more cases soon.
I highly recommend this

A great game for bringing together family and friends during a wonderful visit. We all loved it.

We had friends and family over to play this game, i love it that we could be more than 5 people on the detective hunt for the criminal. It was great fun! we all loved it!

High Altitude Homicide
Maasdorp Maree
High altitude homicide

We enjoyed the case and found the detail in the presentation very nice. Thank you. It did feel a bit short though - in our family of 4 we spent too much time on google research and still we finished the case in 35 minutes.

The Hunt
Antasha Boucher
The Hunt

It was fun. Just missed the clue to the guilty person. More information (records) was needed in that.
But otherwise really enjoyed it. Will definitely get another one to do.

Hillwood Horror
Michelle Moonsamy
Great Fun for the whole family

Delivery was done within a few days. Excellent communication with status of delivery. The game was so much fun and it can be enjoyed by all ages young and old. Great game for family get togethers. Will definitely purchase another case.

The traveler

The story just didn’t add up. There were details that didn’t make sense leaving more questions than answers towards the end. Not convinced to buy another one unfortunately.

Deadly Inheritance
Rachele Button
Not your average games night

I recently purchased Deadly Inheritance for a family games night and we were so impressed! The level of detail and depth On the Case has put into the story is so cool, and we thoroughly enjoyed solving it. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something fun and different to do for a dinner party, birthday or games night!

Hillwood Horror

I absolutely loved this experience. It took my boyfriend and I 85 minutes to complete this mystery and I learnt so much about him. We worked so well together and the mystery flowed so well. I definitely recommend this for anyone whether you are doing by yourself or with a crowd. This is a definite crowd pleaser.

Seaside Homicide
Jonathan Fowke
Seaside Homicide

Excellent. Played it as a family... Mt wife and I and our two 18 year old boys.. Took us close to an hour and a half... Well thoughout game play. Highly recommend it... Going to buy another one...

Was fun. Will do it again

Hillwood Horror
Tanya Lopes
What a great night of Who Dunnit

We had a load of fun playing however we were a little disappointed that this one didn't have video or audio or computer work, we were ready for an intense investigation.

None the less it was so COOL.

High Altitude Homicide
Anthea van der walt

This was my 4th on the case game and they never disappoint

Great service

Was very happy with the product and excellent delivery service. If more companies can act so professional, then life can be great again

Deadly Inheritance
Gerd Winzer
Great Game

This was money well spent, whole family was involved. I have enjoyed the instructiveness having to use technology. I would surely recommend this to anyone who loves Crime Mysteries

Seaside Homicide
Kobus Smit

We enjoyed every second of it

High Altitude Homicide
Melani De Meillon
So much fun

We had a blast solving 2 cases as a family. We enjoyed every minute and had so much fun together. Will definitely recommend On the Case. I love the detail and effort that went into ever case file.

Hillwood Horror
Chante Schutte
On the Case

We had so much fun, will definitely be playing more of the case's!! We want to try all of them. The delivery was on point and you can definitely trust them. We had so much fun playing.

Thank you On the case, for making our game nights so much more fun!!

Hillwood Horror
Jeannette Brits
Hillwood Horrow

1000000/10 loved this game!!! Would recommend to anyone for date or games night so well put together with amazing clues and evidence we had the best time doing this game.

10000% Worth It

This was so much fun!! It feels like you're solving a real life murder. Case file, persons of interest and witness statements. Absolutely stunning!!
We put everything back the way it came and will be passing it on around our group of friends for everyone to enjoy.
I'll definitely be buying another one!

Hillwood Horror
Sorette de Witt
That was awesome

Me and my sisters daughter feels like real detectives. We enjoyed it very much.


The Inheritance

A very well planned investigation with unexpected twists and turns…. the attention to detail was incredible! We absolutely loved it and the family is hooked! Such good bonding time… we chatted about the case for days after!

Soooooo much fun!

We had the BEST time with the Hillwood Horror! The case file was well prepared and the reports, interviews, photographs, and all the other tiny little details made for an interesting story with a bit of a twist. It was our second case, but it will definitely NOT be our last.

Review Murder Case

I thought that even thought there were lots of details there were some gaps in the logic\resolution.

Deadly Inheritance
Graham Gibbs
Fun but easy for a 5/5

It was fun but too quick to solve , there was payslips missing also.

thank you.