The Hunt

R 345.00

A rhino has been killed and its horn removed on a luxury private game reserve. The anti-poaching unit have reason to believe that the perpetrator is one of the largest rhino poachers in South Africa, and they need your help to bring him down. 

Player Limits:

There are no limits to the number of people that can play. However it will become more difficult to share the evidence among larger groups so we recommend 1-8 players per case file.


It usually take players around 80-120 minutes to solve the case.

Case Contents

The Hunt is packed with realistic and detailed evidence for you to investigate including Rhino Photo, Infographic, Inyathi falls Brochure, Guest list, Staff list, Game reserve map, Rhino lab results, Vet Lab statement, Security List, Guest lodge map, Emails, Character photos, Person of interest forms, Witness statements, and more.

All of the evidence will make you feel like a real detective analysing realistic and detailed crime scene evidence. Evidence will be packed between objective envelopes.


We offer door-to-door delivery with The Courier Guy or Internet Express

Standard delivery takes 3-5 days

Express Delivery takes 1-2 days

How To Play

1. Go over the Case

Read through the case file and get to know the story rich characters. Each mystery is a fully immersive case file including photographs, interviews, a newspaper and other items.

2. Work through Objectives

Each case comes with a series of objectives that guide you through the story. It is your job to link the clues together and solve the crime.

3. Close the Case

After solving the final objective, you'll close the case and put the guilty person behind bars where they belong - proving once and for all that you are a genuine Sherlock Holmes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
The hunt

Huge fan of On the Case but I recommend you do not this case. It’s confusing and misleading.
The guilty person came out of nowhere. I’m not sure how we’re supposed to figure this one out.

Toska Steyn
Loads of fun!

Had family visiting from Cape Town last December and we camped in a game reserve. Played The Hunt and loved it so much we have ordered a number of mysteries since! The cases are very well put together, challenging and turns the whole family into detectives. Highly recommended!

Saleemah Jaffer
Fun night!

We really enjoyed solving this mystery! It was a lot of fun :)

Highly recommend this for people who enjoy games and solving puzzles.

We were 8 people , and we found it a bit difficult to share the evidences and keep everyone in the same conversation. I think a group of 4-6 would be better.

Everyone is keen to do another mystery case so we will be ordering another soon!

My suggestions: The rhino wasn't actually killed and the evidence materials have some grammatical and spelling errors. If the case description could be amended, and those errors fixed, that would be great 😃

Carla Koen
Most unique experience!

What an awesome experience to solve this mystery. The devil is definitely in the detail so pay close attention! Looking forward to our next one!

Lindelwe Ndlovu
The Hunt

Thank you so much to the team for helping get this case out to my family and I in record time! The team was so friendly and helpful when I reached out! The game was amazing! You really needed to think for this one and that’s what made it so much fun! I highly recommend it for any games night!