Hillwood Horror

R 345.00

A small town called Hillwood is plagued by its superstitious and sinister past. A series of unsolved murders many years ago, left the town traumatised and suspicious. Since then, things have been quiet and the residents left undisturbed but these murders have now resurfaced to haunt the hollow town of Hillwood once again. Can you crack the case and solve the mystery of Hillwood Horror?

Player Limits:

There are no limits to the number of people that can play. However it will become more difficult to share the evidence among larger groups so we recommend 1-8 players per case file.


It usually take players around 80-120 minutes to solve the case.

Case Contents

Hillwood Horror is packed with realistic and detailed evidence for you to investigate including Newspaper article, Press release, Phone records, Medical exam, Character photos, Business card, Emails, Person of interest forms, Character interviews, Bank statements, and more.

All of the evidence will make you feel like a real detective analysing realistic and detailed crime scene evidence. Evidence will be packed between objective envelopes.


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Standard delivery takes 3-5 days

Express Delivery takes 1-2 days

How To Play

1. Go over the Case

Read through the case file and get to know the story rich characters. Each mystery is a fully immersive case file including photographs, interviews, a newspaper and other items.

2. Work through Objectives

Each case comes with a series of objectives that guide you through the story. It is your job to link the clues together and solve the crime.

3. Close the Case

After solving the final objective, you'll close the case and put the guilty person behind bars where they belong - proving once and for all that you are a genuine Sherlock Holmes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Wynand Schutte
Hillside Horror

Absolutely awesome, we enjoyed it soooo much!!!

Will definitely be ordering again until we have solved them all!

Nicole N
So much fun!

Had an awesome time playing this during load shedding and we can't wait to get the next case!

Really loved the attention to detail and the custom made blog for the case.

The Hunt

Disappointing in comparison to the 1st case we did. Spelling mistakes and there is actually no evidence to remotely indicate that the culprit's identity had been used by someone else.

Teliza Loxton

It was really great however I think the answer or conclusion cards needs to be removed because then you just go on without thinking of other things to link. The website to keep track and get your answer is way more better than just having the answer in each envelope

Chante Coetzer
So many missing links

I bought this for my husband and I to play on a date night.
However, there were so many missing links and SPELLING MISTAKES that lead us astray.
The website we needed to visit stated that Keith Treager was the man the woman had an afair with. It should have stated Keith Kreager, with a K!!!!! for us to link a suspect to the case.
Really disappointed in this case. We didn't have fun nor enjoyed it. We were lost and confused the whole way through.