High Altitude Homicide

R 345.00

Amid the humming engines and bustling passengers of a DawnAir flight from New Vegas to Springfield, a chilling discovery is made: wealthy tech mogul, Robert Johnson, is found dead in his business class seat. With a plane full of potential suspects, including his newly divorced wife, a disgruntled competitor, his criminal bodyguard, the race is on to unveil the killer. Will you be the one to crack the case?

Player Limits:

There are no limits to the number of people that can play. However it will become more difficult to share the evidence among larger groups so we recommend 1-8 players per case file.


It usually take players around 80-120 minutes to solve the case.

Case Contents

High Altitude Homicide is packed with realistic and detailed evidence for you to investigate including Crime scene report, Toxicology report, Tender report, Divorce papers, Flight seat plan, Boarding pass, WhatsApps, Business Plan, Character photos, Person of Interest forms, Character interviews, Autopsy report, CV, and more.

All of the evidence will make you feel like a real detective analysing realistic and detailed crime scene evidence. Evidence will be packed between objective envelopes.


We offer door-to-door delivery with The Courier Guy or Internet Express

Standard delivery takes 3-5 days

Express Delivery takes 1-2 days

How To Play

1. Go over the Case

Read through the case file and get to know the story rich characters. Each mystery is a fully immersive case file including photographs, interviews, a newspaper and other items.

2. Work through Objectives

Each case comes with a series of objectives that guide you through the story. It is your job to link the clues together and solve the crime.

3. Close the Case

After solving the final objective, you'll close the case and put the guilty person behind bars where they belong - proving once and for all that you are a genuine Sherlock Holmes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anthea van der walt

This was my 4th on the case game and they never disappoint

Dawid Raath
Great service

Was very happy with the product and excellent delivery service. If more companies can act so professional, then life can be great again

Melani De Meillon
So much fun

We had a blast solving 2 cases as a family. We enjoyed every minute and had so much fun together. Will definitely recommend On the Case. I love the detail and effort that went into ever case file.

Good fun

I took us close to 2 hours to move through this case. It does however, push you into a direction quickly and perhaps the clues are too obvious later on. Difficulty is probably more a 3 rather than 4. The case was put together brilliantly on quality paper and everything looks really top quality. Wish it was a smidge harder though. All in all, worth a shot.

Jacques-Pierre Engelbrecht

BRILIANT!!!! Took us a while to get the killer.... Awesome game.... NEXT!!!!