The Showgirl - Premium Case

R 449.00

In this 1920's themed case, a showgirl is strangled just moments before she was due to perform. The main detective insists this is a simple case of a crime of passion. Can you navigate the web of secrets, lies, and hidden motives to prove who the real murderer is?

Player Limits:

There are no limits to the number of people that can play. However it will become more difficult to share the evidence among larger groups so we recommend 1-8 players per case file.


It usually take players around 40-60 minutes to solve this case.

Case Contents

The Showgirl is packed with realistic and detailed evidence for you to investigate including Character photos, Music sheet, Person of interest forms, Post card, Birth certificate, Club flyer, Notes from detective, Telegram, Ledger, Admission of debt, Letters, Will and testament, Pearls, Rose, and more

All of the evidence will make you feel like a real detective analysing realistic and detailed crime scene evidence. Evidence will be packed between objective envelopes.


We offer door-to-door delivery with The Courier Guy or Internet Express

Standard delivery takes 3-5 days

Express Delivery takes 1-2 days

How To Play

1. Go over the Case

Read through the case file and get to know the story rich characters. Each mystery is a fully immersive case file including photographs, interviews, a newspaper and other items.

2. Work through Objectives

Each case comes with a series of objectives that guide you through the story. It is your job to link the clues together and solve the crime.

3. Close the Case

After solving the final objective, you'll close the case and put the guilty person behind bars where they belong - proving once and for all that you are a genuine Sherlock Holmes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bev Spanjaard
The Inheritance

A very well planned investigation with unexpected twists and turns…. the attention to detail was incredible! We absolutely loved it and the family is hooked! Such good bonding time… we chatted about the case for days after!

Ryno Edwards
Awesome experience. A new take for us on mistery solving games.

Good experience. Really enjoy. It's not to easy which makes it way more exciting. Really enjoyed it.

Ashley Lombard
Best ladies night idea

This was a wonderful experience. Had a ladies day. We were 8 and having all different suggestions made one big party.

This is one you should start with to get an idea about how it works and then try more difficult cases.

On the case really went out of their way to make this experience so much fun!

Lourique Motta
The Showgirl review

Was great fun, different alternative entertainment. Enjoyed it a lot.

Great Date Night

my partner and I enjoyed the case, really clever and intriguing. Our pack had all the information plus some props which was a great add.